The City We Became, N.K. Jemisin (2020)

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I've seen a lot of online rhetoric supporting stuff. Looking for feminist books, no terf or swerf stuff, slutshaming, anti porn.

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If you're a victim of twitter, looking for catharsis after experiencing one too many redpilled comment sections, look no further than The City We Became.

Written by McArthur Genius Grant recipient N.K. Jemisin(The Fifth Season), it's a high concept urban fantasy that manages to capture exactly what it feels like to participate in "the internet" right now.

The High Concept part is the biggest barrier. If you are opposed to fantasy, you'll probably bounce off a book in which several people become conceptual representations of cities. Jemisin manages to make perfectly clear what that feels like, while avoiding any specifics. It's the kind of prose you'd expect from one of our greatest living writers. She can communicate the feeling of becoming The Bronx in such singing prose that you don't blink an eye.

As our heroes try to assemble the freshly born city of New York, they're running out of time. A lovecraftian monster has emerged from the void to divide and devour the city. It's avatars, Venture Capitalists and "redpilled" "men's rights activists," are perfectly captured. Skewered so thoroughly by Jemisin's prose that I longed for the times when fiction changed politics.

In a world where everyone read, and where everyone read The City We Became, N.K. Jemisin would have the final word on 4chan culture.

To me, she does.


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