Breaking Containment in 2024

Every few years something escapes onto the broader internet. You can always trace this. It starts young, Gen-Z these days, tears through millennials, then into Gen X a few weeks later. It hits Tiktok, then Instagram and Reddit, and dies a week before its shambling corpse is dragged on to Facebook. The culture it escapes into has no natural defense. It’s a new species on the island.


Fifty Shades Of Grey introduced women across America to smutty fan-fiction. Smut was not new but smut you could read in public was. Fan-fiction contained a mix of sexual and narrative content, not unlike HBO’s Game of Thrones which would soon raise grubby nerd George R.R. Martin to household name status and introduce Fantasy to smut. Horny (Hang on, my editor is typing on the google doc. Oh, sorry.) "Spicy" Fantasy is now a bestselling book genre.

2013 - present

In the mid twenty-teens AAVE was unleashed upon White America via Twitter, resulting in the widespread adoption of phrases like "he's cooking," "On God," and "No Cap." This, inextricably linked to gay culture whose on online presence had long occupied the same spaces as black culture, gave us teenagers who say "it's giving ___," as easily as they proclaim something "sus."


The Johnny Depp trial introduced women to GamerGate. Watching it happen, I remembered my teenage flirtation with what was then called "the-alt right." Sometime around 2016 I became oddly concerned with the politics of games journalism (Thank you Waypoint (RIP) and Polygon for saving me).

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It was a big year. Also in 2022, Young women started "BookTok" propelling spicy fiction (I’m getting a thumbs up from my editor) to new heights after it was discovered by teenage girls.

So, while not explicitly book related, Here are my

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